Edmund F. Murphy, Jr.

1928 ∼ 2020

Brian Murphy of Belleair Fl wrote:

My dad was my hero and role model. I saw how he lived his life and I try to live my life the same way. He was always there for me through out my life. If I had a question or something I needed his guidance on he was always there to listen and give his honest opinion but he always let me make my own decision. He and my mother loved the lord and because of them I am close to the lord and pray everyday. I love you dad and miss you and I will think of you everyday. I will join you in heaven someday and what a celebration that will be. Love you dad always from your loving son.

Luke Smithwick of Wilkesboro, NC wrote:

Knew Ed well in the early Paradyne days. He and I traveled to Stockholm to close the LMEricsson high speed modem contract. One of the most memorable weeks of my life. Ed was always professional, courteous, supportive. Customers loved him. He will be missed. Prayers and d\eep regrets to his Family.

Gordon G Hill of Las Cruces, NM wrote:

Ed was a great boss, friend, negotiator and guerilla motivator. In 1977, responsible for Paradyne's International and OEM business, he moved me from sales to technical support saying, "I don't think you can do the job, but I can't find anyone else. If it doesn't work out in sixty days you can return to sales." It worked out. While he never said, I am convinced he was challenging me toward greater success. Mission accomplished. His ability to focus on what was important and get others to join in was the best I have known.

Leo Shea of Sudbury wrote:

My prayers and thoughts go out to Ed and Mary Murphy's wonderful family. Ed was a wonderful gentleman, a devoted Catholic with his faithful wife Mary, and a warm friend to me and many others. My dad, my classmates, my ties to our alma mater Boston College created a strong lasting bond with Ed. May God be good to him. Father Leo Shea, M.M.

Deirdre Genovese of Osterville wrote:

Thank you for being a great father, the patriarch of our family. You exemplified the qualities all fathers should possess; wisdom, knowledge, loyalty, support, courage, faith and love. You always gave your best and that was the motto you instilled in me. I will always treasure the time we shared together over the years . Our summer vacations in Vermont, spending Christmases in Florida, and later on summers on the Cape. You always took an interest in me and my life and willing to help whenever it was needed. I especially enjoyed our many conversations over the years and valued your opinion. We established a father-daughter bond that I will treasure forever. Dad, I will miss our talks, but will cherish and hold close those memories we created and shared to pass on to the next generation. God Bless, Dad. Love you forever.

Michael Genovese of Quincy, MA wrote:

My grandfather was an amazing man, a true patriarch of the family. As the oldest grandchild, I have been so blessed to have known him for as long as I have and will cherish the memories of him, from dinners at the Brown Derby, to vacationing in Vermont and a trip out west, he always took genuine interest in his grandkids lives. His love for his family was second to none and matched only by his sense of humor. He left behind an incredible legacy that will never be forgotten and was the grandfather I was so very proud to have.

Michael Genovese Sr. of Pasadena wrote:

Dear Dad, You will always be Dad to me. Outside of one’s Father it’s not often you meet a person you respect and admire as much as your own Father. You were there for us during good and trying times. In addition to personal guidance, you also provided career and business advice to me. I enjoyed our discussions, usually over a glass of wine, and valued your opinions. Your calm and nonjudgmental demeanor provided direction but allowed me to reach my own conclusions. I couldn’t have asked for a better Grandparent to help provide guidance to our children. One of my favorite memories was the time we were golfing at your club in Clearwater and I sliced a shot on the last hole. The ball hit the walkway and bounded 20 feet in the air towards a large sliding glass door on the second story of the club house. I was never so relieved to hear a loud ping. Luckily for me the ball hit the iron railing in front of the deck and caromed back toward the fairway as a number of people stood by wide eyed on the deck. I don’t think we ever went out again. I have so many fond memories from Vermont which acted as the summer homestead for a number of years. Everyone loved the house and land and I appreciated that you put up with our whole gang for 2-3 weeks. Every year we couldn’t wait to get away from the Florida heat (although I’m sure it wasn’t viewed as a vacation from your perspective). I am honored to have been the first and one of the few to make it to the top of “Papa’s Mountain” along with Michael. I remember all the family gatherings we had in Florida for holidays and birthday celebrations. Mass chaos usually with your Grandchildren leading the way. I remember you reading “The Night Before Christmas” to your grandchildren in the living room recliner which you favored so much. You have been a major part of my life and our children’s lives. Your humor, distinct laugh, your fascinating stories and outgoing personality will be greatly missed but live on in each of us. Thank you Edmund, Dad, Papa and Great Papa for all you have done for us through the years. I’m blessed to have had you in my life and am comforted knowing that you are now at peace and with the Lord. I will cherish the memories we shared and love you always.