Ronald C. Hunter

1950 ∼ 2020

Heather Hunter of East Wareham,MA wrote:

I love you daddy.You will always be the best friend i ever had and the best mab i ever knew. Love You Always, Your number 1 girl.

Phillip Gomes of Plymouth, Mass wrote:

We were Wareham Tigers Together, Wareham Vikings Together, Senior Tiger Award Winners Together! But most of All we were Friends! Ronnie you were my Brother in the Town of Wareham. I will wear my Tiger Tattoo to eternity as you always would say. So as we were both chosen for our Desire, Determination and Courage which is inscribed on the Senior Tiger Award. I bid you Farewell until we meet again. God Bless Phillip G Gomes

Diane L Hunter of Los Angeles wrote:

You were my big brother,protector,friend,and biggest supporter,Ronnie. You taught me how to play cards,tie my ice skates,patch a hole in the wall ,curl my lip(like Elvis),drive a stick shift,throw a football,put a bone back in place after I dislocated it(playing football)! Your patience and guidance and loyalty ...I will carry with me forever. Until we meet again,Brother...your sister Diane

Elna Hulbert of W. Wareham, MA wrote:

Dear family of Ronnie, I was so sorry to learn of Ronnie's passing. He was a nice guy, and I enjoyed working with him many years ago at Wareham Auto. We bumped into one another a few times through the years, and he always greeted me very warmly. We were always glad to see each other. I remember when he was born. I used to be a baby sitter for his sister, "Essie" I was very sorry to learn in his obit that Essie had passed away. Rest in peace, Ronnie. With deepest sympathy, Elna Halunen Hulbert


sorry for your loss he was a good guy

Lawrence GIAMMALVO of Port Orange FLORIDA wrote:


Pat Sylvia of Wareham Ma 02571 wrote:

Graduated Class of 68. Will always remember Ronnie's All American boy good looks, great smile and kind heart. Rest in Peace Ronnie.

Joanne Hunter of E. Wareham MA wrote:

Ronnie,my husband of 35yrs. You were a friend,lover,peacemaker and jokester.You always had a good word to say about everyone and your cup was always half full.Thru good times and bad, you were always there for your family.We love you and will miss you. Until we meet again.

Nicole socci of Fall River, MA wrote:

The crazy old man,I met old man at the age of 16, a favorite story of ours: old man always introduced me as his "other daughter" one day maybe around the age or 18 or 19 a officer helped me out in a situation by giving a ride home, the officer asked where's home? my response was old man's address, the officer knew this was not true but the many reasons why was it's safe, it's my best friend and it's the old man. old man was a way of saying Dad. I showed up and even tho the words exchanged upon arrival is still laughable today, my biggest memory of the old man was no hesitation to take me in for the night, it was the look given of "what the heck now", and not even a word raised in anger towards the situation, he is a man that always will be there no matter what when he loves his loves true.

Angela Dunham of Wareham, MA wrote:

My sincere condolences to Ronnie's family. He was a classmate- WHS'68. Ronnie always had a great smile, good sense of humor and a kind heart. May God grant him eternal rest and peace.

Jeanne Taylor of BUZZARDS BAY wrote:

Dear Joanne, Heather, Chris and Joshua so very sorry to hear of Ronnie's passing. He truly was a wonderful person who could always make you smile. He will be missed. Jeanne Taylor

Christine (Levandoski) Dwyer of N. Prov, RI wrote:

Condolences to Ron's family and friends. May he rest in peace. God bless

Janet hunter of Wisconsin wrote:

Bye cuz...remembering our summers in Cromessett...lots of love to your family

Matthew Poor of Englewood, FL wrote:

I'd like to extend my condolences to Ronnie's family & friends. I have many fond memories from my childhood of my favorite uncle. Everything from cherry bombs, to Viking football, & much more not fit to print. ;) (Es' son)

Lori Bettencourt of Savannah, Ga wrote:

My silly crazy Godfather, I shall miss you! You always had a way to make me laugh! Thank you for being you-I will always treasure all of the love and laughter that we have shared. Love You Always, Lori

Brad santoro of DALZELL, SC wrote:

Will miss you buddy.

Sue Hunter of Los Angeles wrote:

Joanne, Heather, CC and Joshua - Ronnie was so very lucky to have you there for him all along the way. May remembering that you were ALWAYS there for him support you as grieve and miss him. My brother was my best friend throughout my childhood and teenage years. We competed at anything and everything from who could spit the farthest, who could pound nails into a board faster, etc. We played card and board games whenever we couldn't go outside to play and often got into mischief when my parents when out. One such night Ronnie was so determined to win our very intense water fight that he actually brought a hose inside the house and sprayed me (and the kitchen!) with it. We got in a bit of trouble for that as rugs get squishy when wet! We broke our fair share of knick knacks during pillow fights that got a bit out of control and always felt bad afterwards. But not bad enough to stop doing dumb things. Ronnie taught me the joy of competing, something I carry with me and have used to my advantage throughout my life. He taught me how to wrestle (from boys' gym class, girls shouldn't wrestle -argh) where we played for after dinner mints on my parents huge (full size ha ha) bed. I ran pass pattern after pass pattern down Cedar street,played touch football at the piers, and went to Patriots (Boston Patriots back then) football games. He supported every sport I played and never told me "girls can't do that". He loved all my friends, and would even pick a number of them up on our way to Muriel's for morning coffee and donuts before school. As we got older and I moved away from Wareham, Ronnie always made time to visit me in Boston and even LA. He was gracious to my college friends and wonderful to my husband George. When all the children came into our lives, he embraced each one of them, making them feel loved and important. He took them fishing and for ice cream, played cards with them and laughed a lot with and at them! And when our kids got older, he accepted them for what they were and supported them as he could. He was there for our mom and dad as they aged and became less mobile, visiting them at least once at day (ok, it was a short walk down the stairs) and staying to talk with him. They never doubted his love for them. I will always carry a tremendous joy in my heart because of knowing you Ronnie. Thanks for being the best brother a sister could ever hope to have. Sue

Dominique Hunter-Sallustio of Los Angeles wrote:

I am so sorry for your lost. Ronnie was a very kind and caring uncle. My first memory of Ronnie was that he liked to smoke cigarettes and drink a lot and lots Dr.Pepper. Another memory of Ronnie was he would go fishing with all the cousins. One summer all the cousin and uncle Ronnie went to the camp he pointed out for some bats for me. Forever in our hearts!

George J Sallustio of Los Angeles,Ca wrote:

Spring 1975 Ronnie found us a fadded baby blue Ford Falcon 3 speed with just a bit of rust for $150.00!! It didn't run; but he said not to worry!! Eight or ten hours later, back brakes,alternator, gas,oil, air filter and spark plugs were changed and we were up and running!! Maybe another $100.00 out of pocket; (special employee discount from Wareham Auto) and handing Ronnie any tools he needed. The car was wonderful! I learned to drive a stick and It drove Sue and I around Boston and down to Wareham for weekends all through the Spring and summer. By the Fall, we were down to two gears and the emergency brake! RONNIE had the job to get us back to Wareham with no brakes and only 2nd and 3rd! We started pushing the Falcon down Comm Ave....Ronnie jumped in, popped the clutch and the adventure began!(Yes the starter was iffy too!) We never came to a complete stop until we drifted into 3 Cedar Street and pulled the emergency brake for the last time,just in front of Dad's garage door. PIECE OF CAKE!! Rest in Peace, Brother in Law... Love, George

Virginia Eldridge of Bradenton, FL wrote:

To Ronnie s entire family, my sincere sympathy on your loss. I wish I had know that he had been so sick, I was home in November, and would have tried to see him. May he find peace & love waiting for him in heaven. RIP my Cedar Street friend!!!!

Richy Coyle of Wareham, Ma wrote:

One of my favorite students at WHS. Always gave it all with a smile. Sorry we can’t be there, as we are in Florida. Our best and prayers to family❤️

Nicole DeBlois of Wareham, MA wrote:

Sincere condolences for your loss. May Ronnie Rest In Peace.

Jay Maloney of Wareham, MA wrote:

Very sad to hear about Ronnie's passing. What a fun loving guy, and it was great to see him at our recent class reunion in September. He will be missed by all of his friends and family. Rest in peace.

The Franklin Family of E. Wareham, MA wrote:

Condolences for Ronnie's family. Ronnie was the best neighbor and "neighborhood watch" ever! We will miss his never-ending kindness and truly friendly conversations. Just a fantastic individual with stories he loved to share of his life. He loved each member of his household so much and stood proudly as he shared the talents and intelligence of his son Christopher and daughter Heather. I will never forget him sitting out on his porch ready to greet neighbors with a smile and chit chat. One of many instances, was When a unknown vehicle kept circling the neighborhood, I will never forget when Ronnie walked in front of the vehicle, forcing driver to stop, and said, that's about enough, this circling, I DON'T LIKE IT, LEAVE NOW. That vehicle never came back. True American courage and grit to protect. He was greatly respected by "all" and my family will miss him and never, and I mean never, forget his kindness. We salute by flying American flag at our door as we grieved his passing. God Blessed you Ronnie, I know you are smiling and telling stories!!!